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just stuff i do for fun, nya~
Hope ya'll like my stuff~ feel free to give me advice on how to be better

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Holy shit guys... I dun do anything on this account. But no worries here comes a solution xD

Basically... I have a crap ton of oc's [adopted and not] that need to be drawn, some need names. So.... I'm going to try to draw each oc twice, name them all if they aren't named. Possibly give them a back story. The back story may wait til I rp with them. >.< [Idea stolen from :iconapriiiynne:]

Alright... so the list... dear god this is gonna take forever xD

Neko Felidae: [she's technically dead but I still will draw her a couple times- ] -->
Shira Yurusa: [New persona-]
Chroma Morgan: []
Leon: [Sateen's son:]
Sateen: [lol female devil xD She just needs to be designed xP]
Yurushii: [Mizu's sister- ] New arts--> ;
Mizu: [mer oc- ]
Reishika: [] Newer arts-->
Julian: [ [#2]]
Odori: [In storage]
Shiroshiko: [Need to draw]
Shinde: [Need to draw]
Shi-insertrestofnamehere: [Yeah... need to draw she's the daughter of Shinde]
Souko: [still need to draw]
Jeremy: [need to draw]
Paine: [you guessed it... Need to draw]
Lustiene: [>.> Still need to draw]
Akako: [She's a kitty... but i need to draws her... kinda redesign her slightly even]
Elizabeth: [OTL I really really need to draw my ocs more....]
Vincent: [Elizabeth's twin... so yeah... need to draw him too]
Jiko: [I dun think I ever drew her either]
Rian: [need to do arts off]
Chinaru: []
Seishin: []
Soukei: [] [dear god... I really really need to redraw this xD and actually draw it myself xD ... nina too....]
Album/Nigrum: [twins, in need of redesigning []]
Aikurushii: []
Aijin/Shinderu: []
Brandon: []
Kanashini: []
Tsumetai: []
Phylin: [No ref yet]
Akuko: [Need to draw]
Bast: [>.<]
Ai'sha: [>~<]
Aidan: [-_-]
Amunet: [^^U]
Ann-Marie: [^~^]
Ari: [this is getting rediculous....]
Alicia: [serisouly...]
Bella/Carino Ragazza: [twins
Chikyuu: []
Fallacia Vicus:
Fukusu/Utahime/Shofu: [three people in one body xP]
Almyra: []
Tabitha: []
Ephraim: []
Estella Artimessa Merynge: []
Lillia Ravenhowl: []
Nanaya: [In storage]
Connie-sama: [ [#5]]
Tamina-chan: [ [#3]]
Daemiin: []
Airi: [ [#4]]
Kuroshi: []
Ryoukosha: []
Mirus: [ [#2]]
Janiera: [ [#3]]
Rosilia: []
Mitsuyo: [In storage]
Tomoda: [ [#2]]
Nari: [  [#1]]
Art Twins: []
Kairas: []
Yuhyouko: []
Kurosu: [] --> [newer arts]
Lilith: []
Alecia: [Never drawn before] -->
[More to be added as I remember xD I have too many oc's xD]

Arytia: []

Lotus Garden: [] -->
Doll Prince: []
Monochromatic: [ [#5]]
Artistic sparkle [the joke pone]: [ [#1]]
Seastar: [ [#7]]
Raven: [[#1]] -->
Peach pleasure: []
Reserved passion: [] New arts-->
Hallow: []
Booty bay: [ [#6]]
RagDoll: [ [#8]]
Vetus [The ancient one]: []
Dream Flower: []
Heavenly Visions: []
Mirthful Muse: []
Time's end: []
Victoria Words: []
Cheshire pone: [ [#2]]
Sad dancer pone: [still needs name] []
Ram/fox pone: [ [#3]]

Okay... I know I have more ocs... and I dun even have all my kuro-adopts and stuff down but for now... This will be my starting point xD

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I am currently living in the u.s. I want to move somewhere else like japan, germany, england, france....pretty much anywhere other than here. I've been here since i was born...i wanna explore~! I obviously adore art and writing. OH, and kittty cats are adorable, nya! -does the nyan nyan dance- nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan goujatsu derishatsu dekuroucha~! (probably failed at spelling some of that....)

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